Art Therapy


Art Therapy is a rather young but well developing field that is spread all over the world. The main healing agents are clients’ art expressions. The main aim of Art Therapy is not to create a piece of work of high artistic value that would be ultimate, financially valued or perfect. The emphasis is put on the creation process itself, on genuine creativity experience and on building a communication bridge between the client and the therapist. The term "Art Therapy’ comes from blending the Latin ars = art and Greek terape = treatment, cure.


 Art Therapy is a collection of artistic techniques and methods. The main aim of these is besides other things to change self evaluation of a person, to increase self-confidence of a person, to help the person to gain self-knowledge, to integrate the person’s personality and provide the person with the feeling of meaningful life fulfillment.


Academy Alternativa (institution accredited by – MŠMT) is a school, which offer education in therapy field. Activities are focus especially to professional training of therapist in several study programs. In the proposition of three and five year weekend study you can find music therapy, art therapy, drama therapy, singing therapy, psychological therapy cognitive therapy and emotion therapy as well as therapeutic study which is complex study through of every expressive therapy.


MAUT – International Association of Art Therapies - is civil association, the aim is joining interested people about art therapy forms (art therapy, music therapy, drama therapy, movement and dancing therapy). Close cooperation with Academy Alternativa and 14. 11. 2009 become member EMTC (European Music Therapy Confederation).


ČAA – Czech Art Therapy Association is civil association. Join people, which have deeper interest about art therapy regardless initial profession or actual work.