Drama Therapy


What is Drama Therapy?


There are many answers, but for now let’s stick to M. Valenta’s explanation: Drama Therapy is a therapeutic and educational (therapeutic-formative) discipline. In this discipline group activities used in group dynamics of theatre and in dramatic aspects are emphasized. These disciplines help to achieve symptomatic relief, to moderate consequences of mental disorders and social problems and to gain personal and social growth and personality integration…


R. Emunah gives a nice explanation of the main aims of Drama Therapy:


1. Increasing social interaction and interpersonal intelligence.

2. Gaining the ability to relax.

3. Taking control of your emotions.

4. Changing unconstructive behaviour.

5. Expanding of roles for life repertoire.  

6. Gaining ability of spontaneous behaviour. 

7. Developing imagination and concentration. 

8. Strengthening self-confidence, self-respect and raising interpersonal intelligence. 

9. Gaining ability of recognition and acceptance of your restrictions and opportunities…


What are the base techniques of drama therapy?

Let"s keep technique skeleton like optional source, e.g. /M.Valenta/:

Emotional expression, group interaction, physical activity, building trust in group, contemplation and concentration, expression and communication, role and character development, cooperation groups, self-giving and accepting, group creativity and perception, look back and festivities.


Currently offer education in drama therapy in CZ :

PdFU Olomouc, DAMU Prague, Atelier of Drama Deaf DIFA JAMU Brno, Daily sanatorium Fokus Prague,Academy Alternative s.r.o.